Together, We Continued to Adapt, Achieve, and Anticipate

We See Great Opportunities Ahead

Health care and life sciences industry clients and employers, across all sectors, partner with us to move their businesses forward.

In 2021, our clients faced another year of adapting to rapidly evolving legal, regulatory, and market circumstances. Yet great change also brings great opportunity for them to adopt innovative approaches to doing business. Epstein Becker Green's (EBG's) concentration and domain focus in health care and life sciences; employment, labor, and workforce management; and related litigation strategies allowed us to help clients quickly navigate new business conditions and strategically plan for a brighter future.

To address the demand for advice pertaining to these challenges, we maintained steady and strategic growth again this year. We added new geographic coverage and expanded services in such cities as Columbus, Cincinnati, Boston, Tampa/St. Petersburg, and Los Angeles.

As the health care and life sciences industries look to deploy new therapies and clinical and digital modalities in 2022, and as many employers' workforces remain in a patchwork of remote, hybrid, and in-office models, EBG will support our clients' efforts to meet market and regulatory compliance challenges. We are committed, in 2022 and beyond, to giving our clients the insights and counsel they need to succeed and to retaining a Firm culture of thought leadership, client service, and maintenance of our core values.

Mark Lutes, Chair, Board of Directors and Member of the Firm

“Yet great change also brings great opportunity for innovative approaches to doing business.”
"Our dedication to focused excellence drives us to go above and beyond.”

We’re with You Wherever You Need Us

We address clients’ ever-changing needs and create strategies for the future.

Whether working in an office, remotely, or on a video platform communicating—we rose on every occasion to help clients and colleagues meet the business and legal challenges that they faced. We supported our clients in courtrooms, both physical and virtual; in board rooms; through due diligences; in transactions; and in front of agencies (sometimes friendly, sometimes hostile)—in any and every setting in which we were called upon.

Our commitment to focused excellence drives us to go above and beyond even our own high standards and expectations to develop innovative solutions for health care and life sciences organizations, employers and their workforces, and our communities.

As we reflect on this past year—the challenges we faced and the triumphs we achieved together—we would like to thank our clients, attorneys, and our employees. Our commitment to each other, and to our common cause, enables us to deliver value while living our values and to serve our clients well.

James Flynn, Managing Director and Member of the Firm

Connecting Propels Us

Our relationships and alliances inspire creative and effective solutions.

During 2021, EBG’s team members connected seamlessly wherever and whenever it was helpful to our clients and ourselves through our hybrid work environment. These connections occurred when together in our offices or by using technology when we were apart. This contact inspires creativity, fosters mentoring, and aids in client development and the delivery of valuable solutions to everyday challenges while tackling larger opportunities. We expect to connect more and more in person during 2022 and beyond, while retaining the flexibility and benefits of a hybrid environment.

Our external connections were also key to our success and critical to offering valuable and complete client solutions. Our strategic alliances with Deloitte Legal , and the third party consultants that contribute their expertise to EBG Advisors, is unrivaled in the legal industry. It is these connections that make us not just valuable legal advisors but trusted business partners to many of our clients. The alliance between EBG and Deloitte Legal has shown employers that the future of work is changing, and we are assisting with that change, both in the United States and globally.

EBG Advisors broadens our service offerings—from legal services alone to various aspects of professional services, including legal—to provide a multidisciplinary approach to helping health care and life sciences organizations across various segments of the industry overcome obstacles and pursue new pathways in regulatory and market environments.

Let’s keep connecting in 2022 so we can thrive, both personally and professionally, with the support of one another.

Steven Di Fiore, Chief Operating Officer

“We believe that being together supports mentoring, career development, collaboration, and success on behalf of our clients.”

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